About Us

The PHC Crashpad is simply a house in Colorado where we sometimes host house concerts and musicians playing nearby can crash here. 

We are selectively offering to host artists who may be playing bigger rooms but still have to sleep in vans or hotels. 

After hosting many house concerts over the years and getting to know a few artists, we started to realize that musicians are spending a lot of their money on travel and accommodations.  We are lucky enough to have a house that is bigger than we need in a place that is convenient to a few great music cities (Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins).

“Tony & his family just want to be helpful. They see the need and they get it.”

  • Dan Rodriguez

“If you have the opportunity to crash at their place, you save some dough, you have some meals, you have a good time. It’s a great hang. We love these people

  • Bradley Rhodes & Brent Shuttleworth (Elevado)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?


  1. Basically, just bedrooms, hot showers and a fun place to hang out.
  2. We won’t ask you to perform for us our our friends.
  3. We prefer you come introduce yourself before heading out to perform if possible.  If not, we can work out a late arrival.

How much space do you have?

We have two queen beds plus a few couches.

What does it cost?

Nothing.  Nada.  Free.  (If you wanted to put us on the list for your performance, we wouldn’t mind it.  We likely won’t come to every show every time.)

What are the rules?


  1. No hard drugs.  Pot is fine and legal, but smoke outside at the fire table.
  2. Don’t drink our booze unless we offer it to you please.
  3. If we are sleeping, please be considerate of the noise.
  4. Don’t let the pets out the front door.  (Little frenchie dog and a non-allergenic cat).
  5. No pets.  (Our two are enough and we don’t know how they do with others.)
  6. Don’t tell everyone you know about us.  If we want you to share about this, we will ask you to.

Can I hang around more than just to sleep?


  • Yes!  We welcome you to hang out.  We would love to allow you to rest, relax and chat with normal people if you want.
  • We have a nice little backyard that is relaxing and shaded from the Colorado sun.  
  • We have a game room with shuffle board, arcades including Golden Tee Golf and a big ol’ TV.
  • We have quite a big home bar where we would love to make you a cocktail.

Can I hope for a home cooked meal?

It really depends on our schedule.  Kelli and I are both kinda busy so we don’t want to promise.  But Kelli is a great cook if you catch her on the right days!

Request to Crash

    The message should be a note introducing yourself if you have never stayed here before. Who referred you. Details about your visit: scheduled shows in our area, passing through, etc.